Our story

Cradl is the world’s first digital pregnancy coaching program designed to empower new and expecting mothers to achieve their pregnancy goals through dedicated coaching services, backed by science.

We started working on Cradl in late 2019 and have been quietly testing our solution with a small group of amazingly supportive women who are preparing for pregnancy, expecting, or are recovering from their recent pregnancy (postpartum). As we prepare for an Early Access launch in the coming weeks, we cannot hold our excitement back any longer and would like to explain why we’re building Cradl.

Let’s start with a bit of historical perspective.

Looking back, pregnancy has come a long way.

Today, a pregnant woman in most developed and many developing countries can expect that both she and her baby will have a healthy journey throughout pregnancy and birth, thanks to advances in key medical technology and clinical practice. Bearing a child is no longer considered dangerous, nor something to be feared. This is certainly a significant human accomplishment worth celebrating for. At the same time, we must also recognize the next set of challenges women face. While pregnancy is indeed much safer, most women are still at a loss when it comes to navigating the ordeal of a healthy pregnancy which maximizes the potential for both the mother and the baby.

Those who come before us have made pregnancy safer in the past several decades. Moving forward, we will see a far more personalised and guided pregnancy experience for women across the world.

Yet, pregnancy care is due for a 21st century upgrade.

Look around us. We’ve made so much progress in merely a decade as ingenious minds have fundamentally re-architected so much of how we experience the world around us. Need hot, steamy food delivered right to your doorsteps? No problem. How about consulting with your doctor through your smartphone? There’s an app for that. Need a ride to get you from point A to point B? Just press a button.

Now think about pregnancy.

What comes to mind? Well, here’s what Google tells us:

It’s a strange phenomenon. How is it that we live in a world where we’ve solved for some of the most logistically challenging problems (e.g. food delivery, ride hailing, telemedicine), yet one of the most fundamentally human experiences remains just as daunting as ever before?

Pregnancy is a [daunting] experience.

As we set out to build Cradl, we talked to dozens of women who have shared their moving, and deeply personal stories with us. It’s been an incredibly insightful and humbling experience, and through it, we’ve come to learn just how intricate, nuanced, and complicated this entire journey can be.

The complexity of this subject matter, compounded with information overload and the lack of consistent support from trusted professionals, presents women an especially daunting challenge. There’s so much first-hand experiences to take in; so much information to filter through; and so few touch points with credible professionals along the way, no matter how helpful they can be.

It’s no wonder why mothers are some of the most resourceful people we know.

So to sum up the problem(s) we’re working on:

  1. Experience. Pregnancy is extremely stressful for first time mothers due to lack of prior experience.
  2. Information Overload. First time mothers are lost in the ocean of information available online, through books, clinicians, friends, and most importantly, advice from parents.
  3. Support Gap. Access to clinical guidance is severely limited, leaving a significant support gap for first time mothers.

Putting the emphasis back on you and your baby.

Before you jump into any conclusions - no, we’re not proposing that we fix pregnancy with another app.

There are plenty of apps out there that address parts of the problems we mentioned earlier - apps that help you track your period, calculate your ovulation window, giving you weekly tips on what to do during your pregnancy, and you might even find 3D embryo developments in some of them. These apps are great tools which women can use in a self-directed manner, but they also miss out on the bigger picture.

Through our research, we’ve found that women need a pregnancy companion more than anything else - a companion they can trust, and is there by their side every step of the way. We’ve come to believe this is how pregnancy should be, and we should be doing everything in our power to take the work away from the new and expecting mother so they can focus on what truly matters to them - a healthy mother and a healthy baby.

And with this in mind, it’s made our mission very clear.

We need to support the next generation of new and expecting mothers throughout their pregnancy through personalised care, with a professional team and validated scientific knowledge they can trust.

This is why we’re building Cradl.

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